Pet Care Support Team

The Caretakers Animal Care are your support during this emotional time. We are dedicated professionals that will travel the end-of-life path with you and your companion animal. We are providers of compassionate and personalized care for your entire family, who are committed to excellence and humanity in all we do.

meet the team animal caretakers elizabeth

Elizabeth, RScP, AHP

Animal Hospice Consultant & Educator
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Elizabeth met her first pet Fiona – a white cat – in her mid twenties. Fiona was a game-changer. What she didn’t know at that time was that Fiona would leave a legacy of pet hospice that Elizabeth would follow after she cared for her for over a year in hospice. Elizabeth continued to gravitate towards pet hospice, working in holistic veterinary care and animal lifestyles as a writer, a holistic pet food consultant and a pet loss and grief professional. Working for a mobile veterinary euthanasia service for six years, she saw a gap that was not being filled – the need for more options, more education and more support for caregivers and their companion animals at end-of-life. She volunteered with AHELP Project, took continuing education at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, discovered BrightHaven Animal Sanctuary and acquired her animal hospice practitioner education (Animal Hospice Group), while fulfilling a promise to the animal kingdom – I shall journey with you to the end and your voice will be heard, your preferences honored and your legacy engraved upon the hearts of those that loved you.”  Elizabeth is very comfortable talking about death and she wants animal caregivers to know all their options. 

meet the team animal caretakers yasson

Dr. Michele Yasson, DVM

Veterinary Homeopath

Michele Yasson is a holistic homeopathic veterinarian since 1987, the first veterinary student of noted veterinary homeopath Dr. Richard Pitcairn. She is a pioneering elder in the field of holistic veterinary medicine and telemedicine. She has a long history of a broad range of success treating severe chronic issues, many considered incurable – from cancer to behavioral problems – as well as starting puppies and kittens on the road to optimal health and longevity, all by phone and video consultation. Her hobbies range from endurance running, biking, swimming, and triathlon (an 8-time Ironman finisher) to playing guitar and ukulele and studying A Course in Miracles. She lives with and loves dearly – Zoe the incorrigible Chihuahua, Ru the sweet Blackmouth Cur, Willy II the very chatty Siamese, and JoAnn the Colonel.

meet the team animal caretakers julie



Julie is an Reiki practitioner who supports people and their pets through all stages of life, with a focus on comfort at end of life. Reiki can clear energetic imbalances, reduce anxiety, manage pain, bring peace and serenity to pet and family days, hours and moments before transition and assist in a peaceful passage onwards to their next big adventure.  Reiki can assist pet parents after the loss of their beloved animal as they move through their sacred grieving process. Reiki can be in person or remote. A healing session (virtual or  in person) for people can be a potent healing agent as Julie combines some relaxing yoga, Reiki and an astrology reading. 

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Social Media

Flora is the office social butterfly. She loves to meet and greet and get as many pets as possible. She can often be found surfing Instagram and Facebook posting her infamous blogs on the life of the much-loved-pooch. She is deeply loved and is an integral part of The Caretakers Animal Care in ways we cannot begin to quantify.

Professional Emotional Support

Pet loss is a game-changer. Talking to someone who understands pet loss can be beneficial, can ease your burden or care and can take away that feeling of isolation. You will find comfort, you will find a way forward, and you will find release when you share your feelings with someone who has been there.  We support our industry professionals as well in their emotional and spiritual well-being with private sessions via phone or virtual. We take appointments seven days a week and urgent calls are ok. You need the help when you need the help.

$65 – Virtual   /   $125 – In Person

Pet Parents

Pet Parents experience a unique loss and grief that requires unique care and support. Talking to somebody who has been there, who understands and can hold a safe space, can make the world of difference. Share your story with someone who cares and experience the healing power of a shared experience, non-judgement and authentic compassion.

Industry Professionals

Industry Professionals – We all know it takes a village and if we don’t have support for you and your team, we are missing a major component of what makes our profession great. If you haven’t practiced much self care, it’s ok. We can help you figure it out and make it a priority in your daily life. You got the calling to help animals and we support you in a way you deserve, and in a way that allows you to continue to follow your calling with joy.

“I wasn’t aware there was hospice care for animals, so when I found The Caretakers imagine my surprise.  Troy, my Great Dane, was so confused that his legs were failing him – yet he was fully there in every other way. We were able to keep him comfortable for longer than expected with palliative care. That extra time made all the difference – to us and most importantly – to Troy. Troy was euthanized at home with a very compassionate Doctor. We didn’t need the ashes back because we had accumulated so many beautiful memories along the way.”

– The “Troy” Family