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End-of-Life Care for Pets & Their People

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HealthVision® is a courageous, heart-centered way of looking at old age, illness and a terminal diagnosis in our companion animals. It is something that is taught to our clients in the comfort of their own home. Through the process of HealthVision® pet​ parents become more aware, in tune and responsible for what they are envisioning for their pets. The vital force of life is dynamic, disease is dynamic, so healing must also be dynamic. It must reach with all four paws into what is made possible with love and the power of positive thinking. 

What You Will Learn in a HealthVision® Session

Communicate effectively with the medical team

Choose words and phrases that best support your desired outcome

Picture supportive images and mental pictures

Promote positive thinking

Disengage negative thinking

Find a balance between facts and possibilities

Implement an internal warning system when you are off course

Support your animal’s energetic, whole well-being

Engage in dynamic conversations 

Monitor your thinking before it becomes words

Honor your emotions but not follow them

Tune into your inner guidance

Create an environment that holds the vision

Generate courage despite appearances

Be here now