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Homeopathy and Pets

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How Homeopathy Can Help Your Pet 

in Pet Hospice & at End-of-Life

Many people euthanize because of symptoms. If symptoms can be managed, then quality of life can be maintained and possibly extended. Homeopathy is medicine for the mind, body and spirit - it encompasses the whole pet - the complete picture. Homeopathic Doctors do lengthy assessments, include all aspects of care and people and work to find the best remedy for that moment in time for the beloved animal. Illness changes - therefore remedies change. Disease can slow down and, in some cases, can even reverse itself.  Animals supported through homeopathy can thrive - even at end-of-life.

Symptoms that can be managed include: vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, restlessness, anxiety, mobility, arthritis, skin issues, ear and eye issues, immune support, cancer and underlying emotional and mental states.

Meet Dr. Yasson

Veterinary Homeopath


 Pookie, a beautiful and affectionate 10 year old Siamese cat, was diagnosed with a lump in her throat that was growing at an alarming rate. She was having difficulty breathing, she was anxious, and she was beginning to lose her balance. She demonstrated mild interest in food, but found swallowing all but impossible. I brought her home and began her on a regimen of homeopathic remedies that succeeded in assuaging the anxiety and reducing pain and discomfort. Her breathing even eased up a bit. I dropper-fed the remedies to her, and some water, until the day she would not even take that anymore. She was telling me this was the end. She died in my arms the next day. I will always remember the state of grace and tenderness I felt having her die at home, as the disease took its natural course. And I am forever grateful to homeopathy for easing her from this world into the next.