Homeopathy for Pets

Holistic veterinary care is not the same as conventional veterinary care. 

Your intake interview with Dr. Yasson will cover not only your pet’s current complaints and health history, but his or hers likes and dislikes – their personality and daily routine. The treatment plan may include homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies, other modalities, as well as diet and exercise recommendations. Your responsibility for your animal’s health may include careful observations about behavior, food and picture taking and record keeping. Holistic veterinary care focuses on whole body healing and can be a very rewarding journey for dedicated pet parents.

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Homeopathic Veterinary Consultation

Intake Appointment: $450 (Virtual)
Follow Up: $175 (within 6 months)
Follow Up: $275 (after 6 months)
Q&A 30 Minutes: $175 (simple cases)

How Homeopathy Can Help Your Pet in Pet Hospice & at End-of-Life

Many people euthanize because of symptoms. If symptoms can be managed, then quality of life can be maintained and possibly extended. Homeopathy is medicine for the mind, body and spirit – it encompasses the whole pet – the complete picture. Homeopathic Doctors do lengthy assessments, include all aspects of care and people and work to find the best remedy for that moment in time for the beloved animal. Illness changes – therefore remedies change. Disease can slow down and, in some cases, can even reverse itself.  Animals supported through homeopathy can thrive – even at end-of-life.

Symptoms that can be managed include: vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, restlessness, anxiety, mobility, arthritis, skin issues, ear and eye issues, immune support, cancer and underlying emotional and mental states.

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Meet Dr. Yasson

Michele Yasson is a holistic homeopathic veterinarian since 1987, the first veterinary student of noted veterinary homeopath Dr. Richard Pitcairn. She is a pioneering elder in the field of holistic veterinary medicine and telemedicine. She has a long history of a broad range of success treating severe chronic issues, many considered incurable – from cancer to behavioral problems – as well as starting puppies and kittens on the road to optimal health and longevity, all by phone and video consultation. Her hobbies range from endurance running, biking, swimming, and triathlon (an 8-time Ironman finisher) to playing guitar and ukulele and studying A Course in Miracles. She lives with and loves dearly – Zoe the incorrigible Chihuahua, Ru the sweet Blackmouth Cur, Willy II the very chatty Siamese, and JoAnn the Colonel.