Pet Cremation

Pet cremation is a meaningful way to grieve your loss and celebrate the memories of your beloved companion animal. We care about your animal family and we care about the planet – that is why we offer aquamation pet cremation primarily. We are available day or evening for pet pick up and respectful memorial services, if desired. Dignity and reverence is provided throughout the entire process. Each animal that enters our care receives a prayer blessing as they complete their time here on earth and make their transition into the non-physical. Our cremation office is located in Kearny Mesa, San Diego. And if you are new to pet cremation please read our blog  Pet Cremation 101 – What You Need to Know as you make these important decisions for your pet’s aftercare.

Individual Pet Cremation – $250+

  • Cremains ready in 10 days

  • Ashes in sustainable urn w/paw print & fur lock

  • Bio Tree Urn upgrade available

  • Wood Urn upgrade available

  • Home delivery available

Communal Cremation – $175+

  • Your pet will be cremated with other animals

  • Nothing is returned

  • You can add a paw print $45

  • You can add a fur lock $20

Private Viewing / Funeral

View your pet’s cremation in a private service. Call to discuss.

Deceased Animal Pickup, Day or Night – $50+

We come and transport your beloved companion to the facility for aftercare for pet cremation – day or night. Call to discuss.

“Having something to hold, some small part of him with us – has helped a lot.”

Memorial Items

Remember your pet forever with one of our unique, made-to-order memorial items.

Clay Paw Print – $45

Paw Castings – $300+
(cost according to size)

Ink Paw Print – $30
(3 impressions)

Ink Nose Print – $30
(3 impressions)

Wood Urn – $75
(includes engraving)

Bio Urn –  $99
(turn pet ashes into a tree)

Eco Friendly Urn
(Standard, Included with Cremation)

Skull Cleaning – $300+
(cost according to size)

Fur Lock – $20

Necklace Urn – $79
(ashes inside)

Memorial Sharing Stones – $475
(10 pieces)

Memorial Globe 3″ –  $350
(various colors)

Memorial Keychain –  $150
(ash infused, 6 beads/various colors)

Into The Sunset  –  $395
(3 digital photos)

Viewing/Visitation –  $325 +
(A Final Farewell)

Professional Support

Pet loss is a game-changer. Talking to someone who understands pet loss can be beneficial, can ease your burden or care and can take away that feeling of isolation. You will find comfort, you will find a way forward, and you will find release when you share your feelings with someone who has been there.  We support our industry professionals as well in their emotional and spiritual well-being with private sessions via phone or virtual. We take appointments seven days a week and urgent calls are ok. You need the help when you need the help.

$65 – Virtual   /   $125 – In Person

Pet Parents

Pet Parents experience a unique loss and grief that requires unique care and support. Talking to somebody who has been there, who understands and can hold a safe space, can make the world of difference. Share your story with someone who cares and experience the healing power of a shared experience, non-judgement and authentic compassion.

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Industry Professionals

Industry Professionals – We all know it takes a village and if we don’t have support for you and your team, we are missing a major component of what makes our profession great. If you haven’t practiced much self care, it’s ok. We can help you figure it out and make it a priority in your daily life. You got the calling to help animals and we support you in a way you deserve, and in a way that allows you to continue to follow your calling with joy.

Industry Support/Workshops