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The Future of At-Home Pet Euthanasia

Where Are We Going With At-Home Pet Euthanasia? When my cat Fiona was dying from mammary cancer some fifteen years ago I found myself considering at home pet euthanasia. Even [...]

Life After The Loss of a Pet

The Ways I remember Her Stella never got old, not in dog or human years. I pictured her well into her eighteenth year, grey and crotchety – eating only human [...]

After a Canine Lymphoma Diagnosis

Stella Blue has always been a healthy, happy girl and I have been uber vigilant about chemicals, pesticides, vaccines, nutritious dog food and lots of outdoor activity during her life. [...]

A Pet Loss Healing Story

Pet hospice - what is that? Well apparently I was already doing it, or so it seemed. Harleigh was seven years, seven pounds and the most challenging Miniature Pinscher on [...]

In Pet Hospice – What Do Animals Want?

My Dad had just died when Eli, my eleven year old ginger tabby, received the diagnosis of heart failure. He sat wrapped like a furry burrito in my beach towel [...]

Animal Centered Care in Pet Hospice

In many ways human hospice has paved the way for pet hospice care. Much of the end-of-life care human model and applications can be transferred over to the animal kingdom with adjustments [...]

Unique Care for a Unique Profession

The person who goes into veterinary school is not the same person who graduates, just as the person who reads this will not be the person who finishes. We are [...]

Pet Hospice Quality of Life Assessment

Your pet does not have to be in cat or dog hospice before you consider a quality of health assessment. Become a partner in your companion animal's healthcare today. Improve [...]

The Process of In-Home Pet Euthanasia

It is good to decide ahead of time who wants to be present during the at home pet euthanasia appointment for your animal.  Talk to the Veterinarian and ask [...]