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Animal Care

End-of-Life Care for Pets & Their People

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7 Days a week 7am - 7pm

Hospice Assessment Visit 

Design a plan of care with the Animal Hospice Case Manager (Includes one Vetmetrica quality of life assessment)


(travel fee applies)

One Assessment $95

Package of 5 $350

Package of 10 $555

*Add a post appointment review of records/assessment/plan with our hospice Veterinarian $75



In this assessment visit the Hospice Case Manager will go over all aspects of senior and hospice care, educating in all areas of care, while designing an individualized plan and menu of care for senior, disabled or terminal pets. This is a non-medical assessment with the opportunity to have records, notes from appointment and Vetmetrica quality of life assessment results reviewed in their entirety with a written report to be shared with your primary veterinarian.  ♡

Homeopathic Consultations

(People) GAIL

*Virtual $255 Follow up $65

In person available  

Caring for our animal friends, particularly during a health crises or hospice care, can take its toll and cause the caregiver to feel all the emotions that go with it, taking the body, mind and spirit out of balance. Homeopathy addresses and cares for you and your family holistically, with methods that are specific, gentle and sympathetic to the body's physical and emotional needs. It is based on the utilization of specially prepared, refined dilutions of herbs, minerals and other natural substances. Homeopathy offers a gentle, non-invasive way to address and manage symptoms of imbalance and facilitate healing. ♡

Professional Support  RAIA/ELIZABETH

$65 *Virtual

$125 *In Person

For Pet Parents & Industry Professionals



Pet loss is a game-changer. Talking to someone who understands pet loss can be beneficial, can ease your burden or care and can take away that feeling of isolation. You will find comfort, you will find a way forward, and you will find release when you share your feelings with someone who has been there.  We support our industry professionals as well in their emotional and spiritual well-being with private sessions via phone or virtual. We take appointments. seven days a week and urgent calls are ok. You need the help when you need the help. ♡ 

Compassionate At-Home Pet Euthanasia 


(Travel fee applies)



In the comfort of your home or garden, the Veterinarian will provide that sacred space for in-home pet euthanasia and to make this final part of your animal's journey as peaceful as possible. You will be guided every step of the way by the calming presence of our compassionate veterinarian, in a safe, loving and comfortable way. ♡

*Pet Cremation and eco-friendly aftercare options are available. Please see the aftercare services page.





Holistic Veterinary Consultation (Animals)


Intake Appointment $425 *Virtual

Follow Up $150 (within 6 months)

Follow Up $250 (after 6 months)

Q&A 30 mins $150 (simple cases)



Holistic veterinary care is not the same as conventional veterinary care. Your intake interview with Dr. Yasson will cover not only your pet's current complaints and health history, but his or hers likes and dislikes - their personality and daily routine. The treatment plan may include homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies, other modalities, as well as diet and exercise recommendations. Your responsibility for your animal's health may include careful observations about behavior, food and picture taking and record keeping. Holistic veterinary care focuses on whole body healing and can be a very rewarding journey for dedicated pet parents.  

Professional Support


Raia is a human hospice chaplain and grief counselor and began counseling people after the loss of their pets. She noticed the similarities between humans preparing for, coping with, and moving through their loss, whether it was for humans or animals. Raia’s credentials include training as a spiritual chaplain, grief recovery counselor, as well as trans-personal/spiritual counseling, energy healing, and assisting people with their spiritual growth. A session with RAIA will help you move with more ease and grace and empowerment through the end-of-life journey for you and your beloved companion animal.



Veronica creates personalized essential oil formulas for people, pets and horses. A session with Veronica will allow her to blend a one-of-a-kind original signature formula that will support you and your pet during illness, old age and end-of-life. Aromatherapy helps manage pain, reduce stress and restores comfort. It can bring a pet and their person out of trauma into healing in a holistic and heart-centered way. Veronica also has pre-made formulas that are a balm for the healing heart.



Julie is an Reiki practitioner who supports people and their pets through all stages of life, with a focus on comfort at end of life. Reiki can clear energetic imbalances, reduce anxiety, manage pain, bring peace and serenity to pet and family days, hours and moments before transition and assist in a peaceful passage onwards to their next big adventure.  Reiki can assist pet parents after the loss of their beloved animal as they move through their sacred grieving process. Reiki can be in person or remote. A healing session (virtual or  in person) for people can be a potent healing agent as Julie combines some relaxing yoga, Reiki and an astrology reading.