Your pet does not have to be in cat or dog hospice before you consider a quality of health assessment. Become a partner in your companion animal’s healthcare today. Improve disease detection, including chronic disease which is often unrecognized and unreported.

The Caretakers proudly uses Vetmetrica© – the gold standard in veterinary care to measure pain and quality of life – at any stage of life – from the animal’s point of view. Measurement is the key to understanding and will give you confidence between your veterinary visits.

Determine where your beloved animal is at with proven and effective tools to interpret and track animal’s quality of life which can help you, your pet, your veterinarian and your animal hospice team achieve a balance in their care plan, while acting as an early warning system.

We offer easy to use on-line assessment with questions in four categories of your pet’s health care that you can do at home, and when done consistently you can track changes and adjust the care plan, thereby putting an important aspect of your pet’s health care prevention plan back in your hands.