It is good to decide ahead of time who wants to be present during the at home pet euthanasia appointment for your animal.  Talk to the Veterinarian and ask any questions you need to before the process begins. Make sure your aftercare decisions about pet cremation and memorials have already been made prior to the euthanasia.

You may have chosen individual pet cremation or pet burial or laying your animal in state. Whatever option you have chosen, make sure everyone has been informed and all arrangements are in place, so nobody needs to worry.  We recommend that the financial aspect has also been taken care of ahead of time.

The process of at home pet euthanasia can take anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour, depending on a variety of details. Suffice to say, you will not be rushed. Some folks want the process to move along at a good pace and others require more time.

Sedation is administered via a quick injection, as you are loving on your animal. This will put them into a deep sleep in about ten minutes. Most animals lie down and close their eyes as they become extremely relaxed and sleepy. As touch and sound are the last senses to go, we recommend soft petting and gentle, loving conversation to continue. This will be a great comfort to your pet.

The second and final solution is administered intravenously and this will stop the heart. That fluid is generally a blue, pink or purple. Your animal will become unconscious, breathing will slow down and stop in the next few seconds, and then cardiac arrest will follow, resulting in death. The Veterinarian will listen to your pet’s heart and confirm death.

Sometimes, not always, an animal might have a release of fluids, but the Veterinarian will always be prepared for this. There might be muscle spasms and sounds, as air leaves the body and the energy takes flight. This is simply a part of the process that occurs after death.

The Veterinarian will then move aside and allow everyone to have more time if desired. If you have booked your pet cremation with us, the driver will pop over and we will place your companion on the stretcher and gently take them with us. If you chose individual cremation, the ashes will be delivered home in under two weeks, maybe sooner. If you chose communal cremation, you will receive no ashes back.

Urn upgrades and additional memorial items can be added. Please see our pet cremation page for details or visit our memorial items page to select additional items.