Transportation for Deceased PetWhere Are We Going With At-Home Pet Euthanasia?

When my cat Fiona was dying from mammary cancer some fifteen years ago I found myself considering at home pet euthanasia. Even though she was doing such an amazing job winding down from life herself, and detaching from her physical form, it always remained an option. Watching her drift in and out of her body, with quiet capability, as though she knew how to do this, was like end-of-life poetry. Like a dormant talent that only comes to life when it is needed, she knew how to die and she was teaching me, in very gentle ways, how to also let go – of her.

My First Pet Euthanasia

Cat that has been euthanizedAt that time I didn’t know much about end-of-life services for animals, and that I could have had a licensed veterinarian come to our home to help with her transition. Instead, I made an appointment for at home pet euthanasia, put her in a carrier and took her to see her veterinarian, the day after my birthday. It wasn’t right or wrong. It was appropriate.

My pet bereavement process was hard. Thank God I had other animals to comfort me and good friends who knew that sending cards and flowers was the right thing to do. Fiona was my first fur-kid and her loss was immeasurable. Pet Loss Support

Fast Forward Fifteen Years

Fast forward fifteen years, the world of animal care has changed so much. Pet parents are aware that at-home pet care, in particular end-of-life care, is a valid option. From at home pet hospice to pet euthanasia, having licensed professionals come to your home should be the norm. It is the realistic, considerate and compassionate way of practicing veterinary medicine, particularly at end-of-life.

The Future of End-of-Life Care for Animals

Girl and her dog runningWe are living in a time when everything is changing and the world we live in is becoming more humane and kind. This must extend to our animals in their final days, hours and minutes of life and the people who care deeply for them. Animals are often immobile and so are their people – with grief. Keeping pets and their people at home equates to freedom of choice and freedom at end-of-life care with animals is gold. International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care

Softer Grieving with In-Home-Pet-Euthanasia

We can set pet parents up for sDog and man in pet hospiceuccess in their bereavement process and the animals in their letting go. With a qualified and compassionate mobile veterinarian and their dedicated staff we can provide the soft and open space for everyone to say their final goodbyes. Home is where everybody should take their final breath, and we think the animals would wholeheartedly agree. A Pet Loss Healing Story